The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: January 2019

Rules to live by

Commencement speeches are, as Wikipedia describes them, “an opportunity to share your experience, values, and

Creating Time

In a way, time is a recent concept. A clock is a tool that was

Focusing on a goal

There is goal and there is goal. Achieving the goal we’ve chosen depends on the

Kindness and Compassion

In one of her conversations with Brené Brown, Krista Tippett mentioned a quote that stuck

Who do you want to become?

  A few years ago, Michael Schrage suggested that we ask ourselves “who do you

Investing in yourself

To me, there is a major difference between quick and fast. That’s due to the


At school, we learned to give the “right” answer. At home, we often learned to

Solutions and Problems

There is a strange relationship between solutions and problems. We expect that our analysis of

Using words to influence

Quite often, when I listen to the radio or read different media I’m astonished about

Parkinson’s Law

Time management is probably one of the most misused dream engines. It can create the


Electricity is one of the conveniences we are used to. So much, that we rarely