The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

The give and take

In a recent blog post, Seth shared the idea that algorithms can give or take. What he is describing, is how algorithms contribute to shaping our culture. But as the algorithm’s origins are being defined by humans and their transformation engaged through the actions of the people the algorithm is observing, what Seth is also describing is that everyone is involved in shaping the culture.

If those designing the algorithm aim for short-term results and invite users into receiving short-term benefits, our culture can become one based on quick benefits. It takes tomorrow’s potential.

If those designing the algorithms aim for long-term results and assist users while earning long-term results, our culture can become one laying out the grounds of the future. It gives potential to our tomorrow.

The way this happens is influenced not only by those designing the algorithm but much more importantly by those using the platform that is being manipulated by the algorithm. Everyone has skin in the game. It is a power relationship.

The cycle power uses, is that based on something we have we can give to others to later take back.

At first sight, this may sound awful. It actually depends on how it is happening and how you define the power you seek to have.

Reciprocity teaches us, that if we don’t take back people will, in the long term, give up on us. They’ll settle to only take. This implies, that only taking and only giving does not work.

The answer is not in finding a balance and choosing if we take or if we give. It is in gaining awareness of what it is that you are taking or giving and what it does for you.

It’s stepping out of being stimulated and react into a realm of being stimulated and choosing a response that you’ll continue to enjoy tomorrow.

Your power is your ability to shape your tomorrow. The part that doesn’t depend on luck.


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