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The whole & its parts

The broken record

I used to know someone who used the broken-record-method.

Vinyl records had this awkward habit, that whenever it had been scratched too hard, the needle would continuously jump back to the previous spot whenever it reached that scratch. It was super annoying as that bit on the record would then suddenly be continuously repeated. It basically couldn’t be played anymore as the needle wouldn’t move beyond the scratch.

And yet, it was perceived as a valid way to teach something or to persuade someone to change his or her behavior.

What basically happens though, is that two people don’t listen to one another. Both act as if they would want something different. Neither questions why things stay as they are or why they should be changed. Both assume that they are right and stay with the given habit.

The broken-record- method becomes a habit in itself. Sometimes either of both may give in. That’s why it keeps the reputation that it works.

However, until this chance event happens, all those involved become more and more annoyed.

And all those watching get used to the idea that resistance is a way of being.

With the old vinyl record, it was clear that someone had to intervene and move the needle forward.


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