The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts


For some the idea of grieving can feel like an impossible task, or said differently, like a superfluous act.

Many will associate it with events like the loss of a family member or the loss of something really important to them. They’ll also associate it with tears and crying, that is with some visible manifestations of sadness.

But it’s worth it to consider the more subtle manifestations of grief. That is notice the option to grieve when there is a loss, whatever it is.

Seen from this perspective, grief is a part of the process of personal development and growth. It is a process that is filled with moments of challenges, pain, stress, obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments.

In dealing with most of these there is a moment of letting go. It involves accepting a loss. When people set out to learn something, they do so with an image of themselves and expectations of how things will unfold.

But growth is a messy process. It isn’t a linear process. It isn’t predictable.

And every time something unpredictable happens, it becomes necessary to let go of one’s image of self, of one’s expectations to accept a changed image of self and the unexpected outcome. That too requires grieving.

The label grief stands for a wide range of emotions and one thing it helps do, letting go.

And, as with most human processes, it’s messy.



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