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The whole & its parts

Criticizing or having a different perspective

Lately, I had an exchange on Twitter, yes X.

Someone was quoting a motto and criticizing it while devaluing the thinking he was assuming behind that motto. It’s difficult to know if the author of that tweet was right or wrong, but I was curious and reacted to that tweet hypothesizing that there could be a different interpretation.

The short exchange that unfolded then was fascinating and somewhat typical. That is for a specific kind of internet user. It’s people assuming that they are right or that what they say is right. They start by liking your reactions and providing you with a reaction that gives you a hint that they see themselves as able to judge others. Not yet you. Then they provide you with content telling you that you will find it interesting. To in the end tell you that you are doing it all wrong.

Sure, I naturally contributed to the interactions. And I have no idea how my contributions have been interpreted. But the reactions I received told me that it must have been hard for him to deal with the idea that my reading of his blog post and tweets didn’t correspond with his intent or his perspective.

Understandably, people want to be right. Especially if they identify themselves with their statements.

But someone’s thinking is his own, not one other’s have to accept as their own.

It is a difference that can, for some, be difficult to accept. Especially when they see their identity at stake. In such a case, they easily will see themselves as being criticized.

It’s a behavior that appears easily on the internet. A situation with only little personal relationship and thus even less understanding of the other person’s context and life than usual.





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