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The whole & its parts

The courage of leaders

Schengen is a little and peaceful village in Luxembourg; its name is much better known than its location. In June 1985, the treaty leading to the border-free zone was signed in Schengen. No one then could imagine the impact this treaty would have on Europe 25 and more years later.

When the treaty was signed, the idea of open borders was so extraordinary, that there was serious doubt that it would become reality. The original treaty thus was also still quite far away from the open borders I have been experiencing in the last 20 years. Traveling around Europe has become smooth and easy compared to my childhood. It is even more true for business across borders.

All this happened thanks to the courage of some leaders who decided to establish this treaty in 1985. Knowing that it might fail they still believed enough in their idea of a future Europe to make the first step possible.

Such courage has led to humans making a first step on the moon.

Such courage has also led to the development of SpaceX a private aerospace manufacturer.

Such courage has also led to a small and peaceful country believing that size isn’t necessary to have a space agency.


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