The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Choosing your posture

When we start working on a project, become a professional, live our life we do it with a posture. It is the approach or attitude we choose to face these situations.

And yes, it is our choice.

It might not always be convenient.

It isn’t always easy.

It makes clear what you do and how you do it.

It shows what you stand for.


While coaching in The Bootstrappers Workshop I’ve benefited from the posture of a bootstrapper as Seth Godin described it. Here it is:

  • Ship real work.
  • Do it now. Not later.
  • Serve clients that are eager to pay for what you do.
  • Resist the urge to do average stuff for average people.
  • Build and own an asset that’s difficult to reproduce.
  • Scale is not its own reward.
  • Charge a lot and be worth more than you charge.
  • Create boundaries for yourself about what you do (and don’t do).
  • Become ever more professional.

One of the reasons I went back to it, was that it guided me in my coaching. Another reason was, that each item on this list lead to questions, doubts, and further learning. We all seemed to struggle with different items on this list.

Checking in with the reasons of the individual struggles connected participants with the stories we tell us about ourselves. The doubts we have as to what we can achieve, the ideas we have as to what others expect, they all showed up.

That’s where important learning happens.



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