The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Aware or awake?

Coming back from a run, Seth Godin’s blog post awake was fitting. We had chosen to train speed by starting with a slow run of about 25 min and speed up on the way back to get down to 20 min on the same distance.

The plan seemed easy and fun.

And yet I spent quite some time on the first 25 min stuck with thoughts around the way back. Even being aware of the idea that I was telling myself stories instead of simply enjoying the run, the stories remained.

I did struggle on the way back, but I also enjoyed one of those aha-moments when I suddenly found myself simply observing my run and my running. I had switched to be awake and aware of the moment instead of the upcoming challenges. That moment transformed the whole run and made it fun.

For me the last sentence in that blog post can read: “Seeking a state of awake is a worthy quest. And when we find it, it’s worth cherishing.”

It’s also worth paying attention to experience it regularly. Awake life has a different quality.


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