The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: October 2022

Leaning into reciprocity

In a casual conversation, it will often be easy to accept that there has been

Brief and Debrief

The team was wondering about its effectiveness. They could see how much they had worked

The friendly group

Sometimes I meet teams that are focused on being friendly to one another. They will

One-minute essay

On a given day, there only is so much one can learn. Much of the

History repeats itself

By finding the appropriate distance patterns become visible. The pattern that becomes visible depends on

The people we like

With many people we’ve been able to observe the simple logic, that the more conversations

Simple or complicated?

It’s neither as well as both. Things become complicated once people start to explain things

Chasing an answer

The desire for certainty triggers makes it seem normal to need to have answers. And

Feeling isn’t meaning

In a recent session, Georgina shared how Phil had become a problem to the team.

You control how you play

In a short video, Ryan Holiday lists, the many things an amateur or professional athlete

The power of words

Words as such don’t have power. They gain their power from the associated meaning. The


Not too long ago I was coaching an impressive young man. He was very disciplined