The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: August 2022

Seeking clarity

Finding clarity is like wandering through the fog until there is a clearing. Sometimes it’s

Finding Acceptance

The idea of acceptance is one of these concepts that take a lifetime to master.

Sharing one’s wants

In my youth, I couldn’t stand it, when my mother asked me what I wanted

Within your control

In principle, there is only very little that is within our control. The ability to

Setting a target

Our days are filled with targets. They are of all kinds. The task to be

The promise

Working with a team on their positioning, I asked them what their promise was. I

Distractions are here to stay

The number of available distractions is simply incredible. There is the story one tells oneself.

Assuming knowing

There is no big difference between assuming one knows, making shortcuts, or being judgmental. It

The why behind the what

When someone tells others what to do, we may find it directive, unasked advice, or