The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: October 2021

Meetings and wasting time

An important aspect of problems is that they are not always what they seem. When

Learning from history

When I attended school in Germany one of the bigger subjects in the last few

An impact of scale

An idea we’ve become accustomed to is that things are becoming more complicated. In a

The limits of asking

When asking people how much they know about their member, their market, or their audience

Choosing advice

The internet is full of videos sharing advice most probably on any topic you can

Antidote effectiveness

The number of times I’ve read that for example humility is an antidote to power,

Seeing patterns

Part of learning is learning to see patterns. Once we’ve learned a pattern we usually

Desired outcome

Something one doesn’t have control of but wants can be a desired outcome. The risk