The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: November 2020

It can be effective

A friend and I were organizing ourselves to meet virtually. We had had a small

Learning pleasure

Protecting oneself and others from spreading a virus by using masks has now become an

Holding on to being right

Sometimes, the best thing we can do in a conversation is to step back and

Expecting trust

A few days ago I had made an appointment seeking to try a new type


A client had been preparing for a job interview and was seeking to meet expectations.

From change to transition

These times are full of learning. There is no day like the other. That is


Languages come with a way of thinking, our individual use of a language is biased

What is being said

Leaders often worry about the things they say or want to say. What they forget

That’s right

Could you live with the idea that most questions have more than one answer? Would