The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: March 2019

Helping others

A lot of people want to help others. A lot of people want to receive

Forget what you know

As professionals, we have a work ethic. We know what is important in our work.

Reciprocity, a principle

It seems to make sense to connect principle with the idea of reciprocity when describing

Generous or Selfish?

While generous and selfish may be seen as opposites there is no reason to only

Being in charge

One of the stunning concepts around is “being in charge”. It implies the freedom to


Along the years, words can change their meaning and lose their original understanding. Generous is

Making decisions

As we look around how others make decisions we will find many interesting approaches. Some

Journey and Result

The journey is the path you take to reach that result. It’s the action you

Responsibility and influence

Sometimes clients struggle with their wish to create the solutions they want to have. In