The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: March 2019

Resistance, Hiding, Fear

That was to be expected. Writing about resistance, hiding and fear bring all three to


When exchanging with others we will handle our communication depending on the relationship we have

Relaxed concentration

Learning something new does take time, golf is no exception. What seems to make golf

Stories we tell ourselves

As we go through life we tell ourselves stories, about others, about ourselves, about life.

The black hole of tasks

Not too long ago I heard Seth Godin say something like “we don’t want this


The energy we put into attention can serve different tasks. We can opt for being

From here to there

We give ourselves a goal and set out to reach it. That’s one way to

A frustrating word

Some sentences are a story in themselves. A sentence like “make it great again” tells


During The Marketing Seminar, one of the question we work on is to find an

Enhancing time management

Managing time is a strange idea. Maybe I shouldn’t understand it verbally. But what is

Using time

A few days ago some altMBA friends and I were discussing how to create better

A 4P acronym for a change

When working on change we are confronted with the stories people tell themselves. These stories