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The whole & its parts

Making it worth your time to read a book

There are a few things about reading a book which are less evident and can change your reading experience.

It starts by thinking about three different ways to experience the book: before reading, while reading and after reading the book.

Before reading a book is the time of selection, questioning yourself if you are going to read the book or not. Give yourself some time to evaluate the book for yourself. What does it look like? Is it one which is written for readers like you? What makes the book interesting for you? What experience are you looking forward to, when reading this book? There are many more questions you can consider before the book, the answers you give yourself will help you assess the book while reading it.

While reading a book is the time for focus. Find a way to read it actively, that is by thinking about the content, what you’ve been reading, visualizing the story or your learning and note taking. As an active reader you will benefit much more from the reading either by being more in the story or through the attention you give to the reading and the way you transform it into information you can use. By making a habit of being conscious of your reading process reading becomes a whole new world.

After reading a book is the time for analysis of your intake. Did you decide that the book was boring and not worth reading? Excellent, can you change something in your selection routine? Did you like the book and found yourself agreeing with it or not? Rethink it and ask yourself, if you might have been giving more attention to some parts of the book than others. If you read the book to earn something, can you now take the content and start teaching it to others?


All of these steps take time, but it is highly probable, that in doing so you made it worth your time to read the book.

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