The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Author: francoise hontoy

Striving for clarity

It’s probably a never-ending quest: the desire to understand and gain clarity. There is too

Thinking about cooperation

In whatever relationship, when there is cooperation there is also a notion of helping. Coaching

Conflict avoidance

The desire to avoid conflict is part of human nature. Human beings are social beings,

Immediate solutions desired

Sometimes people find themselves stuck in a situation without any view on how to solve

Why this

As we worked together, the team shared a success they had experienced. They had reworked

Seeing deeply

As a coach I’m interested in seeing deeply, it is aligned with what I’m trying

The group’s task

As a member of quite a few groups, I’m regularly wondering about the task the

Rational emotional

One of the most common approaches is to seek to solve the problem that is

Learning to lead

A very simple question a leader has to ask is “did it work?” Whatever the

Waiting for the future

It’s important to address issues in a team dynamic, with available resources, due to a