The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Author: francoise hontoy

Execution and Result

The execution is the journey. The result is where one arrives. And, depending on how

Plan and planning

It’s easy to complain about plans not working out or of one not being able

Urge and Motivation

Discussing the idea of acceptance, a friend wondered what acceptance describes and implies. It’s a

Learning from errors

Everyone makes errors, and everyone can learn from his errors. It’s true. But it doesn’t

Developing meaning

Often, we’ll find ourselves in situations that we cannot make sense of. At first, the

Co-creation and judgment

Emil was describing how Henry, one of his team colleagues, had become overly dependent during

The little extra effort

One of the things I regularly do to work on my coaching practice is to

A gentle reminder

The last few years saw some changes in our communication. It is most certainly the

Where power is located

Many organizations have employees who have become essential to the organization or who are perceived

A heartbreaking moment

Ulrich Wickert, a well-known German anchorman, who is now in his 80s often explained that