The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: January 2023

Subjective goals

Leading others means developing a view of the tasks the team is performing that has

Planning ahead

Working toward a dream can take a lifetime. And sometimes it’s only in retrospect that

Staying in shape

People put a lot of energy into staying in shape. It’s easy to find suggestions

The tyranny of good and bad

One of the easiest categorizations is to perceive a situation or a person as good


Peter F. Drucker once described manners as the lubricating oil of an organization. He completed

Once a decision is made

When a strategic decision is made those involved are asked to stick to it. Their

Sharing advice

There are many reasons why people will share advice. The reason they indicate, and whatever

From pleasure to pain

Taking the simple route, it seems easy to want pleasure and leave pain aside. But

The discipline to relax

It’s one of these strange paradoxes. Performance requires the ability to relax. At the same

Dynamics of conformity

In a not-so-distant past, it was widely understood that leadership meant that followers would seek

Embracing uncertainty

It’s easy to suggest embracing uncertainty. But what does it mean? A way to look