The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: December 2022

a path in the woods at wintertime

Forget your goal

Something I observed in an organization I once was a member of, was how the

Ancient advertisement that has been invalidated since

The choices made

Individuals make choices depending on their desires, feelings, values, or principles. In a team, things

mist and light making their appearance

Connecting ambition and team

Metaphors are a great way to simplify ideas without losing any of the complexity. Gabe

The sense of safety

Humans have a deep need for safety. With most immanent dangers for life having disappeared,

blue sky with just a few light clouds

Staying right

It’s quite easy to be right. There are enough occasions for it to happen. But

Statue of an Indian looking toward city hall in Philadelphia

What we wanted

The past is a source of strength as much as one of frustration. How leaders

Visible to the eye

Fred Rogers kept a quote in eyesight in his office. It said “L’essentiel est invisible

Good, better, how

It’s a simple idea. Notice what you are doing well and what could be better

Doing things right

A well-known quote from Warren G. Bennis states that “Managers do things right. Leaders do