The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: September 2022

Attached to the result

Defining objectives is an easy task. Implementing them is the hard task. And it starts

The magic idea

Sometimes coachees come to coaching with the idea that something is broken and needs to

When why makes sense

The team seemed to be worried. They were meeting to move a project forward they

Focus on the solution

May it be something we learned at school from performing well on tests by having

Requests for change

Those who give feedback do this because they sense that a change would enhance the

Generosity in the team

The team I was working with kept throwing flowers at one another. They were sharing

Reacting to a team

A while ago I was participating in a golf competition. As we played on two

Putting Intention first

When we share stories, they are there to entertain, teach or for example invite others

Soliciting Feedback

For many leaders, it is a regular habit to solicit feedback. However, when they start

Developing rituals

Over time teams develop rituals. They belong to the events or moments team members will