The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: July 2022

Short term wins

As Seth shared lately “Short-term wins feel like a demonstration of will by those that

Thank you for your understanding

Communication can take strange routes. Usually, when people tell me “thank you for your understanding”

Belonging and power

Human beings are wired to function in groups. They want to be in a group

Putting people first

Reading this title, many will nod. To me, this is a great aspiration. I’ve experienced

Showing up

Be consistent they say. Show up. Persist. Yes. And no. The aspiration you have, and

Just let go

One of the suggestions I’ve been hearing over and over is the one of “letting

This is not to criticize

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend. Our conversation wandered through the different subjects

Passion may be overrated

Have you ever wondered if your approach to work is more of “do what you

Inventing risks

Danger exists or doesn’t exist. It’s in the eye of the beholder. And sometimes also

Developing the formula

In a post Casey shared lately, she was highlighting how everyone is an individual with

Making bold promises happen

Wanting to serve others always comes with a promise. Serving others is the place where