The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: May 2022

Come with questions

During the last few years, I’ve regularly led reflection groups. The idea was to invite

Why don’t they adapt

Some of the leaders I meet assume that the people who join their team will

Time by design

As a kid, I learned that being efficient meant constantly using the time available. There

The tragic position

When people use logic to investigate situations, they seek to reach a state of coherence.

Taking the problem away

Sometimes the easy shortcut is to do something instead of someone else. These people rely

The effort you put in

When trying to achieve an objective there can be many reasons why things don’t fall

From mistake to response

A theme I frequently see is the forcefulness of self-critic after making a mistake. As

Stepping into the journey

As participants embark on a learning journey, they find themselves confronted with many open questions.

See, say, sort

As a kid, I remember my mother sharing how she had once called the police

A reminder on boundaries

Human beings are used to boundaries, they are a given of nature. Think for example

Taking up a book

Much has been written on how to read books. Austin Kleon shared lately how to