The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: April 2022


When we position ourselves, we allow others to position themselves in relation to us. We’ll

Focusing on anxiety

The team has been stalling for a while. They come together in meetings to discuss

Settling on the objective

In an excellent post, Ed Batista describes his approach to mindfulness and meditation. What he

Difficult conversations ahead

Sometimes, there is something uncomfortable happening. Someone brings up a subject we’d prefer to leave

Thinking adds value

When I was a kid, my father used to point out, that we should “turn

For and against

People constantly fight, they’ll rarely call it like that though. Instead of fighting, it receives

The solution shortcut

When a problem appears, the typical reaction is to try to solve it. The quest

Assisting change

Starting a new project, shifting into a new position, and deciding on a new job

Proven formulas

Those who think differently find themselves wanting a different system than the existing one. It

Why feedback

At the heart of critical feedback is the dream for a better way to interact

A leadership question

Once in a while, we meet people we like and appreciate. Then, one day something