The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: February 2022

The problem in front of us

When there is little time and problems pop up, the most frequent reaction is to

I, you, us 

A colleague reached out to me to discuss the transformation process of her business. Two

Urgency and priority

Over the last years, the world has thrown quite a few problems at us. Maybe

Have you seen this?

Recently I had a conversation with a team member who was seeking my understanding of

I wasn’t clear myself

As a leader, there are many occasions when one has to keep the momentum up

Constructive silence

A while ago, I integrated reflection time in a team-coaching. I asked the participants to


Once I worked for someone who would regularly invite me to “just do it”. As

Your opinion counts

That’s the title of a message I received. The message then continues with the hope

The desire for justice

As a kid, I remember hearing my mother explain to me how important it was