The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: January 2022

A desire to improve

Sometimes a client shares the idea that it’s important to keep learning or to keep

Taking things personally

It’s easier to assume that someone is doing something because of us and against us

Idealizing democracy

“Democracy is in danger” is a fear regularly mentioned all over the world. And indeed,

Things look good

Albert now likes to call himself realistic. It’s his reaction to the overflowing positivity he

Show them who you are

The idea of being authentic resonates with many people, that is the human desire to


When people evaluate themselves on an optimism – pessimism scale they’ll often assess what the

Helping out or stepping in

When a team member needs help, the other team members have several options. In some

What we are doing here

While there isn’t always a need to have a task to come together, coming together


The most difficult person to be aware of is oneself. That is, anytime there is

Too much and not enough

There is rarely a clear demarcation line between not enough and too much. It’s true

The most complicated question

Reading Casey’s post “Giving yourself some credit” I was reminded of the way people tend

Know when to stop

As a child, I learned that it is important to finish the food on my