The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: December 2021


Criticizing oneself may seem like the desire to learn or change. But what it does,

Waiting for information

Tim was describing how dreadful the experience of last weeks had been for him. He

Giving trust away

Sometimes team members shy away from asking others how their project is doing out of

Losing the storyteller

Over the years, the organization had shifted its activities. No one had noticed. The group

Taking responsibility

When something went wrong, who’s responsible? One could think that it’s the person who made

Seeing an alternative

Reactions are, most often, limited by what people are reacting to. If someone decides to

Getting on the balcony

“It is a petty and sorry person who will bite back when he is bitten.”

Tensions in a relationship

When there is trust, tensions can become a stimulus to grow and learn together. The

Becoming a commodity

There are two easy ways a product becomes a commodity. One is, by focusing on

The meaning of words

Words mean different things depending on the context in which they are used. As I’m

Life throws stuff at you

There is no reason to catch it all. It helps to remain focused on something

Holding and containing

In any type of group mechanisms and rules develop themselves. They serve the members of