The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: November 2021

The problem mindset

Imagine asking the craftsman to come back and redo some of the work he did.

Groups and teams

When people come together, they may be perceived as groups from the outside. But often,

On-demand everything

Platforms and consequently the idea of being able to receive everything on a click is

The necessary tension

The idea of a “necessary tension” was once described by a Polish rabbi in the

Priorities and structure

The team was sharing with me how they had modified their routines. They had decided

Just listen

When people come together and start a conversation their experience will vary depending on the

Intention and impact 

Sometimes you’ll receive feedback or a reaction allowing you to see how your message has

Getting what we want

The more we try to get what we want the less likely it is to

Where attention resides

The preoccupation with The foreground, the sights, The smells, The sounds, Takes the attention away

Assisting the process

There is a saying in Africa, that the grass doesn’t grow faster if you pull

It’s the little things

There is a difference between practice and attitude. Attitude describes “A manner of thinking, feeling,