The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: September 2021

Explaining oneself

Reaching out to a helpdesk is one of these things I’ll often avoid as some

Forget ourselves

An always interesting question is how people relate to others and how they express that.

Seeking calmness

Quite a while ago I took up the practice to meditate. And like many, I’ve

Sticking to useful concepts

Not too long ago, a colleague completed his description of how he perceives his job

The reality of logical

In retrospect, when we look at our lives a theme will become visible, it will

Old stuff

The more space there is, the more things accumulate. It’s true for stuff, data, and

Not my responsibility?

As people deal with themselves, a question they find themselves confronted with is how they

Flavors of control

In essence, there are two approaches to controlling the situation. The first requires preparing as

Creating plans

Mick was sharing how he had adapted his plans to his current situation. Since our

Simplifying the message

Michael Gerharz is one of those remarkable personalities I had the opportunity to learn to