The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: August 2021

Pressure is all around

Michael Bungay Stanier has been working for quite a while on how to find a

The greatest gift

“Free will is the greatest gift anyone could have given us. It means we can,

Is and can be

In their book “Humble Leadership” Edgar and Peter Schein invite a new form of leadership.

The balcony

A friend shared earlier how spending the last two weeks without his kids gave him

The constant

Identity has something of a paradox. Our work is to find a way to stay

When things go well

It’s the moment where complacency will find it easiest to appear. Things rarely are well,

Giving it the time it needs

It takes time to build a relationship. And yet it’s immediately there. What we actually

How feedback feels

It matters how the person receiving feedback feels. There are always situations in which it

Taking the responsibility

Responsibility is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “something that it is your job or

When change agents succeed

One of the mysteries leaders sometimes find themselves confronted with, is when their instructions are

Groups and family

Human beings are born into groups: their family. That’s where they start their life experience