The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: May 2021

Learning and practicing

There are many ways we can learn something. It makes it easy to call almost

Red poppies

Roles we choose and carry

The way we have constructed identity and personality often makes it difficult to attend to

A working hypothesis

Every conversation involves interpretations. They serve as a working hypothesis allowing to perform the task

Victim culture

Once in a while, in a workshop, I’ve seen participants retreat into their world after

Setting out to help

A huge amount of jobs are based on the desire to help others. For many,

The virtuous cycle

Listening to a webinar with Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, currently

Stepping into the unknown

One of the most frequent patterns limiting ideas is to opt for something that we

When deadlines lead

A few days ago Michael shared a story describing how changing the habitual deadline from

Pushing emotions

Reading a few articles related to the climate crisis and how to deal with it,

The paths we know

Engaging in work without knowing if it will serve us requires either courage or confidence.