The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: January 2021

Remaining focused

Even if my upbringing was full of freedom and possibilities to do what I wanted,

Going back to essentials

There is no shortage of leadership theories or definitions telling us how to be a

Solution provider

In our first exchange of the day, John shared how leadership was lacking in his

Slowing down

Meeting Ariana last year in The Marketing Seminar was learning to know an enthusiastic and

Changing the lens

There is process and there are results. The process is what gets us from one


The call for transparency is recurrent. People easily ask for transparency. What they like is

Waiting for the miracle?

Making a plan is what people do to define the future. The plan tells us

The desire for feedback

When you asked for feedback, what have you been looking for? If you wanted to

I made this

One of the difficult steps in creating a product is to step up and share

Transitional space

When something ends, something new begins. This is true for any situation. We lose something