The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: August 2020

Walking the talk

When describing vision or purpose, people will base them on their values. These are the

On taking charge

Suffering happens. There are many reasons for it and no reason to deny that there

It’s real

When someone feels hurt, it doesn’t matter what your intentions where or if there is

Thinking of others

“Everyone else is thinking of themselves. I’m the only one who thinks about myself” Is

Crisis or crisis?

Having been in this pandemic for a few months now, it becomes possible to see

Plans change

When plans change, there always is a good reason leading to that change. It doesn’t

Truth lies in the action

One of the values parents seek to teach their children is honesty. The vehicle used

Intention and execution

An often surprising tension exists between the intentions people have and their ability to execute

Assuming understanding

Time, culture, and experience transform words and their meaning. This can be quite confusing, especially

Reacting to good and bad

When experiencing something good we’ll react with satisfaction. Something bad will lead to frustrations. I