The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: July 2020

Humor misunderstood

The ability to laugh together is one that helps teams to grow together. It’s a

Keep going

As I was enjoying a conversation with the wonderful Jeanine Krause we naturally also talked

Learned with ease

The bad news is, that something learned with ease probably didn’t matter much. You might

Real and Perfect

Asking questions in workshops often leads to participants searching for the right answer. They work

When it’s well done

For most people, it’s more difficult to know that they’ve done something right than to

Thoughts passing by

All of us have thoughts that pop up. Not all of which we like. The

An unclear sense of knowing

The best conversations lead to learning. They create an interest for the subject and invite

Good enough

One origin of the idea of “good enough” dates from 1952, when Donald Winnicott introduced

Using frames

Often, when buying a painting or a picture, it involves choosing a frame. The choice

Doing the right thing

The desire to do things right is one of the complicated mechanisms humans like to

Maintaining control

Most organizations put control at the center of their value system. It might be linked