The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: June 2020

Urgent or important

One of the things the pandemic allowed to observe was the decision process in uncertain

Dealing with today

Looking at today, it is possible to see it as everything we have been able

What people want

Deciding on what’s going to happen depends on what people want. The decision process becomes

Using a funnel

Marketing and sales share objectives, even if they have a different perspective on it. Marketers

Making problems visible

Seeing a problem is easy. For many people, a problem starts there where something is

Blind spots

He was wandering around the lantern searching for something on the ground. A passerby observes

solitude of the leader

Listening is not given

Not too long ago I was again reminded of how difficult it can sometimes be

Approaching problems

Understanding your favorite approach to solving a problem can be as simple as knowing your

Posture and means

One of the things Andy Grove was known for, was his temper and his confrontational

Defining the future

Looking back, things are easy. You’ll usually find a way to connect the dots looking