The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: April 2020


Some words are automatically perceived as negative, but not only that, they become an idea

A process to remember

These last days I’ve found myself a lot on the floor. It all started with

Solutions or Results

A solution is what you sell. A result is what a customer expects. The solution

The new normal

Normal is a definition. There is a collective definition. It’s a definition that refers to

The doing ideal

No doubt, things need to be done and one of the tasks of leadership is

The way it’s expected

There she was, frustrated and complaining that she had not been seen. Michelle was sharing

Certain times

One of the overused words of these times is “uncertain” usually linked with time, like

Applying a strategy

Strategy is a weird thing. It works best when you don’t push it. It works

Words to avoid

In their effort to belong, people will seek to have a behavior that corresponds to

A sense of safety

As part of the world question themselves how to slowly loosen the lockdown measures, fear

This or that

The word “or” indicates the possibility to choose. Take for example the invitation to choose