The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: February 2020

Pick yourself

These are times in which applying for a job is what most people do, in

Being prepared

In situations of crisis, the first reaction usually is to act. It often works as

Sharing solutions

The biggest challenge for problems is their solutions. Much less the fact to find a

Collecting truths

A simple truth is, that we constantly encounter problems and search for solutions. A simple

Dealing with hierarchy

The most challenging thing with hierarchy is to stick to it. When power is being

It’s not about you

The customer who shows up to complain. The co-worker who tells you how to do

Belonging and contributing

People are selfish. Not always, but actually yes, always and that’s ok. When in need,

Polarization and extremes

While the last years may still have been the most peaceful in decades, there have

With vs. for

Recently I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Gérard Collignon the author of

Leaning into details

When I learned to use a golf club I just went ahead and executed the

Feeling tense

When working with groups, one of the jobs of the facilitator or host is to

Not knowing the answer

Listening to the conversation between Cal Fussman and Chris Voss, I learned that lawyers tend