The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: January 2020

The One Hour question

Over the last weeks, I’ve been observing how people react to the question “how could

Interested in everything

The internet makes it easy to hear and read about almost everything. The pace at

Curating Memories

There is no way to stop time from running continuously. There hardly is anything as

Goals are tricky

Setting oneself goals is easy. Following up and reaching them is hard work. That’s because

Connect with the work

The late Clay Christensen was a key influence in many of the Silicon Valley powerhouses.

What matters

In his closing remarks from the fourth day of the Senate impeachment trial, representative Adam

Having the solution

There are many reasons why people believe that they need to have the solution or

Making feedback comfortable

When asking for feedback, there is always the possibility that the other person doesn’t like

Setting intentions

At the beginning of a workshop, a regular habit is to ask participants about the

A difficult skill

One of the most challenging skills for people is to trust. It leads to simple

Making it personal

When decisions are made it’s easy to become disappointed if the decision isn’t the one