The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Year: 2019

Nuances lead to meaning

When exchanging with someone else it helps to learn to see the world from their

Requesting clarity

When groups share that they want to gain clarity, they usually mean that they want

Leverage to change others

The first option most people see when it comes to changing a situation is to

When feelings disturb

Somehow the answers didn’t match the questions. When asked about himself he started describing the

Digital relationships

During the last three years, I’ve had multiple occasions to establish “digital relationships”. Sure, I’ve

The conflict paradox

The best way to create conflict is to seek to avoid conflict. The best way

Would there be one truth?

People who are committed to a cause often love to fight for that cause. They


Such a large subject and a just as vast emotion. Last Thursday I drove across

Inventing services

The usability of a product is supported by its user interface. But there is more

Change requires acceptance

Whenever you seek to make a change happen, your starting point is acceptance. By accepting