The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Year: 2019

Overcoming the obstacle

If you are trying to overcome an obstacle you’ve found something to fight against. You’ve

Why measure

Science has taught us that truth relies on theories that are proven. And yet, in

Forbidden words

In a recent conversation, a friend was shocked to hear the sentence “people are selfish”.

Implicit and explicit

Those who call for clear communication often underestimate the effort it requires. They don’t see

When to disagree

The team moved into a debate. They had been talking about the update of their

I see you

Within different cultures, we’ll have different ways to attend to the relationship between members of

That’s life

Habits are there to save our brain some energy. That’s the reason we develop them.

Expecting acceptance

“They should accept me as I am!” Actually, that’s true. What’s questionable though is what

Transitions and letting go

Change is a constant. This shift from one state to another means that we will


Of the many resources we have, there is one which is basic: Time. It can’t