The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: October 2019

Needing or Wanting

People who love to help find themselves limited by the help they give. The movement

Biology will not go away

Human beings are wired to be in groups. It’s biology. A family of three is

What’s leadership?

It sounds like a question that can easily be answered. We all have met and

When minds connect

There are so many facets to the post Seth shared today. One is, almost ironical,

Content over form

A simple way to lead conversations into a dead end is by focusing on the

The will to lead

There is a difference between the wish to see something happen and the will to

Opportunity or distraction

We are surrounded by opportunities. People share ideas with us and call them opportunities. The

Boundaries of identification

People have many ways to identify. We’ve been used for decades to identify people via

Inviting shame

During the lifetime of a group, tension is a natural event. It happens because of