The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: September 2019


When someone shares that he is selfish, my experience is, that it rarely is the

A story of growth

On the day people started to trade and separate tasks they invented the idea that

What’s it for: contract

Actually, it’s your choice. You can establish a contract to protect you. That’s equivalent with

Preferring the problem

Do you know this person who will always remind you of the problem you have

Go and tell them

It’s one of the biggest problems with communication. The assumption that it’s sufficient to tell

How many are many?

Language provides us with words like often, many, much, big, long, etc. What it doesn’t

From 10 to 100

In today’s culture, creating an offer that asks for people’s time is perceived as a

Güde headquarters and factory

Reality can be surprising

Knives belong to the products I appreciate. I’ll usually go to further length to find

The quest for magicians

Sometimes a problem has an easy solution. Most of us will be able to find

Connecting the dots

Once you’ve learned to connect two dots it’s difficult to imagine that once they weren’t