The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: July 2019

Meet them where they are?

The invitation to meet others where they are is an important one. Without this approach,

Teaching and learning

The ways we learn and teach something are often screwed. Sure, there is learning happening

Feeling like a fraud

There are times in which we notice, that we don’t correspond to our own expectations.

Overlook the meaning

Communication can be difficult. Especially when people seek to temper a conversation and ask for


You can earn someone’s trust. The only way this works is when that other person

Walk the talk

An old proverb states, that “the shoemaker always wears the worst shoes”. Its origin is

Echo chambers

As AI settles in, it is becoming a major factor influencing how we see the

Being thirsty

These days summer is hot over here, and thirst something we need do pay attention

Sitting with the uncomfortable

It’s not easy to distinguish between uncomfortable and uncomfortable. The first one needs to be

Is it this or that?

Western and eastern societies often use different ways to think about life, others and oneself.