The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: June 2019

Dealing with accountability

“What are the measures when they fail?” is one of the most frequent questions when

What’s accountability?

When accepting a role, it comes with expectations and responsibilities. The work you do is

Judgment or not

Dictionaries are wonderful tools. I had become intrigued by the idea of judgment. Friends mentioned

Enjoying your work

Not too long ago I attended a presentation by Jose-Luis Alvarez on “The Power and

Hurry up

All of us have some standard rules with which we aim to connect with the

It’s forbidden

When children experiment and explore the world they often seem to be in danger. The

It’s getting hot

There is a path which starts with discomfort, passes by avoidance to finally reach drama.

Avoiding conflicts

One of the basic reasons why people avoid conflicts is their perception of what is

Objective or problem?

“My market doesn’t listen to me” “I don’t have a website” Are objectives transformed into

Houston, we have a problem

The film Apollo 13 coined the sentence “Houston, we have a problem” and made it

Accepting or adapting

Knowing a few languages, I love the opportunity to switch to another language to ease