The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: February 2019

You are

When people describe themselves with “I am”, they are also sharing something they identify themselves

Things we say

There are many ways to be misunderstood. Some of them are almost imperceptible. The meaning

Running to get it done

Often speed comes with overwhelm.   You’ll meet people doing an excellent job. You’ll see

Don’t do

An easy exercise is to describe what you don’t want to happen. Telling a child

Obstacles to change

When your work is to create change, there are two possible obstacles on your way.

How to live

One of the things I find easy to do is to explain things which seem

What’s that emotion?

Lately, I’ve been digging quite a lot into emotions. There is so much to discover

Fighting it creates it

When wanting to avoid something people have a tendency to focus on what is to

Shifting perspectives

When dealing with a group of individuals, one of the challenging tasks is to know