The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Year: 2019

Letting ourselves be disturbed

Throughout the year, I’ve been participating in several online training. For some of these, the

Creating tension

As the end of the year arrives, it’s time to realize that there is a

Magical solutions

When deciding how to offer their services, people find tend to prefer a somewhat magical

Taking time to listen

Once people have an idea of how things need to be, they set out to

Tense and ease

Christmas time is a period of the year during which the lack of alignment between

Generosity is a choice

  Generosity can mean to look away and forget what happened.   Generosity can mean


When thinking about a reset in computer terms, it means to restore a system to

Gin and early adopters

Our hosts both liked Gin and were inviting us to taste one of the many

Context transforms content

When music could only be played live, the places where it could be played determined

You’ll get used to it

In a comment somewhere on social media, people were discussing a new regulation in Germany.