The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: December 2018

What matters now

Browsing the web I came across a free ebook written by Seth Godin and friends.

Control, Influence or Choice?

There are many situations in which we find ourselves stuck. We wanted to achieve something,

Seeing Trust

Looking up words in a dictionary is an interesting exercise. Looking up words in a


Lately, I’ve been looking into the idea of “structure”. I thought I had understood what

Change happens

Change is inevitable. I’m certainly not breaking the news here. And yet it seems as

Where past and future meet

The holiday season is a constant reminder of collisions between the past and the future.

Trust the process

When inviting participants to trust the process we ask them to move out of their


Giving is easy and complicated. I used to be active in JCI. JCI is an

Thinker’s block?

There is an idea traveling the world which is called “writer’s block”. What is fascinating