The whole and its parts

The whole & its parts

Month: November 2018

Rational or Irrational?

Articles about decision making have a tendency to create confusion between being rational and making

The words we use

A discussion about our language triggered further thinking about the words we use. Our discussion

Simplify our life?

The industrial age brought the invention of processes. The internet brought an automation of these

How to say it

Thinking about how we say things, I googled “how to say it” and found something

We worked so hard

There was a time with a simple promise: work hard and you’ll have a job

Now I see …

Being able to see means that we have understood something as we found a way

Jumping to solutions

In my coaching practice, I regularly am asked to help solve problems. Usually, the request

Creating Experience

Sometimes, when I coach or when I train, things seem too easy. We seem to

When we compare

The idea to compare things is a very normal one, it happens all the time